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Arrow Hit

Arrow Hit is an exciting agility game that takes players on a spectacular virtual voyage. 

About Arrow Hit

As you immerse yourself in this immersive experience, where focus, accuracy, and fast reflexes are your greatest assets, get ready to be enthralled. Players assume the role of an expert archer in the dynamic gaming environment, tasked with striking a sequence of moving targets as accurately as possible. You have to draw your bow quickly and shoot precisely to hit each target before it disappears from view as they dart across the screen at different speeds and trajectories.


Press or hold to launch an arrow.

To face the ever-tougher tasks, players must adjust their strategy and improve their agility for each level's distinct set of obstacles. Prepare to be engrossed in this heart-pounding journey that will test your reflexes and keep you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling, fast-paced gameplay.