Azad Cricket

Azad Cricket

Azad Cricket

In the exciting world of Azad Cricket, you are the determined, lone cricket player whose job it is to help your team win the world trophy. Do you have any cricketing experience? Are you ready to become a champion?  

You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time with Azad Cricket's enthusiasm! Now grab your bat and let loose some noise in the stadium! You have a certain amount of chances to hit the ball, so you must serve your hits to get points in this fascinating game. You cannot possibly predict how the ball will arrive when it is thrown at you by the bowler. Take extra care not to cross the "out" boundaries, as doing so will result in your elimination. You have a certain amount of hits to finish enough points to win the match. 

How to play

Pick your favorite team out of the 17 teams, then help your nation win. The scene will next shift to a cricket pitch, where your athlete is holding a bat and watching the wicket on the left. Your opponent will attempt to bowl the ball from a specific distance into the goal. Your job is to use the bat to hit the ball after evaluating its trajectory.

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