Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is a relaxing and enjoyable way to experience what it's like to play cricket

Snails play the field in this small game of cricket to defeat you. Don't miss a shot; otherwise, the game is lost. To earn the highest potential score, practice your reflexes and swing when it counts. Without going over, you can play as many cricket shots as you choose. Will the snails get you before you know it or are you strong enough to defeat them? 


  • Realistic graphics: With realistic player movements, realistic venues, and realistic outfits, the game is designed to closely resemble a real cricket match.  
  • Power-Ups: These can increase the power of your bat, let you to score double the amount of runs, or even temporarily pause time to give you an advantage over the bowlers.
  • Easy-to-use controls: The game is designed for players of all skill levels and has straightforward controls that are quick and easy to master.

T-20, one-day, and test match are just a few of the game modes that are available. Every game has unique guidelines and difficulties. Players can compete against one another in multiplayer mode, enhancing the game's pleasure and intensity. 


Use your mouse or tablet to move the bat around to play. Swing by clicking or tapping, and pay attention to when you hit the ball with your shots. Your timing will improve as the ball travels farther and faster. The objective is to defy the rules, score highly, and surpass your own record. 

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