Backyard Hoops

Backyard Hoops

Backyard Hoops

Tom and Jerry decided to play basketball in the backyard in Backyard Hoops in an attempt to determine who was cooler. Assist Tom in hurling as many balls into the hoop as you can to clear Jerry's nose—he doesn't think his opponent is that strong.

Gameplay of Backyard Hoops

You will be hurling basketball shots at the hoops if you play as Tom. Strive for large hit sequences, one goal at a time, to obtain special balls that will increase your score even further. The hoop will occasionally switch locations, which makes things more difficult. Jerry may also attempt to block your shots. 


Use the mouse to play

Try to get over it since you will lose and have to start over from 0 points if you miss three shots. Play this entertaining new basketball game with Tom and Jerry and take on the challenge of trying your throwing prowess.