Basket Bird

Basket Bird

Basket Bird

Instead of balls, you control round, multicolored birds that resemble donuts in Basket Bird. You must first calculate the trajectory accurately, and then shoot the bird through the appropriate colored basket. The "basket" birds are so heavy that they can't fly. On the other hand, watching them roll around in the grass and roll their eyes is very entertaining. Begin testing your mind right now with this completely free game!

How to play

To aim and fire, click and hold down the mouse button before releasing it. Keep an eye on the arrow because it will indicate the final force and direction of your shot. After that, toss each of the birds into the appropriate basket. You will receive points for each bird successfully shot down, and at the end of each level, you will receive up to three medals.


  • 25 engrossing puzzles to solve.
  • Vivid cartoonish visuals
  • A rad tunes montage.
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