Basket Fall

Basket Fall

Basket Fall

Basket Fall is a truly bizarre Basketball simulation. Drop the ball into the hoop and buy power-ups to improve your chances of getting it in. 

Prepare for a fantastic basketball adventure with Basket Fall. The basketball court awaits you and invites you to demonstrate your abilities! Are you ready to become a basketball superstar by channeling your inner LeBron James? The ball stays in the same spot on this basketball court, but the hoop goes around. To win this game, you must have excellent hand-eye coordination. Wait for the ideal opportunity to drop the ball and score a point. 

How to play

Imagine using a rope to play basketball. The rope swings from the ceiling, and you touch it to release the ball and shoot for the basket. 


  • A high score to achieve
  • Gameplay that is both entertaining and hard
  • Excellent 2D graphics
  • Controls that are intuitive

Are you a basketball fanatic? After that, you may play about and have fun with Basket Random or Basketball Line. Enjoy yourselves!

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