Basket Slam Dunk

Basket Slam Dunk

Basket Slam Dunk

You have to dunk the ball like a pro in the hilarious sports game Basket Slam Dunk. You have the option of playing versus a friend or the machine. 

Gameplay of Basket Slam Dunk

To slam the ball in a hoop Slam slam, position yourself to jump in the proper direction and force, then move the strange-looking guy's arm to get closer to the hoop. It will require you to coordinate your motions but don't worry, it will become easier with practice. Gain a lot of coins to purchase additional cool balls and work toward completing the collection. 


How to play


Changing the distance before attempting a basket is advised since the ball has the potential to go faster than the hoop.

Tips and tricks

Don't give up too soon. Even when both of you are on your basket hoop, you are still able to steal the ball from your opponent's grasp. This can even be done while you're jumping and airborne.

Avoid letting the ball strike the bucket with force. It may make a strong hit on the hoop and rebound. You may lose the opportunity as your opponent pursues you. 

Basket Slam Dunk requires you to skillfully slam the basketball into the ring, just like TapTap Shots. You won't believe how simple this enjoyable basketball challenge is until you give it a try. Will you be able to master this unique and interesting basketball game?

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