Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is a simple idle basketball shooting game. Shoot as many hoops as possible for the longest amount of time.

In Basketball Mania, players must hit the goal scores to advance to the next level and attempt to beat the highest score in this fast-paced arcade basketball machine game with a built-in ticket dispenser. A player's ability to play for longer increases with improvement!


  • Five distinct skins: Select your preferred themed setting.
  • Great music and sound effects in games
  • Star payout feature for redemption tickets
  • Basket movement from side to side for difficult play

How to play

In this entertaining basketball game, shoot some hoops. When you make your shot, keep your power under control and aim for the hoop. You can play this game in unlimited mode or take on the 50 difficult levels. Play until you either run out of lives or time. 


To create a basket, drag and drop the basketball into the hoop. To play, use the touch screen or mouse.

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