Basketball Online

Basketball Online

Basketball Online

In the challenging skill game Basketball Online, you must drop bombs but not basketballs. Here, you steer the falling ball straight into the basket by creating pathways using clever line drawings. 

Basketball Online gameplay

Your goal in Basketball Online is to accumulate as many points as you can. To catch the falling balls and direct them into the hoop, draw curving lines. You must get every basketball to go through the hoop to finish each level. But watch out that the explosives don't get through the hoops! You can draw more than one line, but you will need one of your three pencils for each line.


To draw a line, use your mouse. 

Tips and Tricks

With Basketball Online, timing is everything. Accurate timing is key to a smooth flow in your designs. Long lineups should be avoided since they may restrict your subsequent movements. Always be on the lookout for bombs, and make appropriate travel plans.

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