Basketball Scorer 3D

Basketball Scorer 3D

Basketball Scorer 3D

Basketball Scorer 3D game allows you to progress through seven levels, with each goal including a basket into which you must throw the ball.

Your only task in the entertaining basketball game Basketball Scorer 3D is to put the ball in the basket. There are only seven stages in the game, and it will take some time to get through them all. Some of the levels will make you fly, while others will make you move quicker, so you'll need to use caution when approaching the basket. Toss the ball into the hoop after rolling it across the platforms. 


How to play

In Basketball Shoot 3D, your main goal is to have fun while shooting baskets. You can shoot three balls at once, and each one you make awards you one point. You have sixty seconds to reach your best score. Go to the high scores option, verify your current best score, and then play another basketball shot to beat it.


To move, use WASD.

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