Basketball Simulator 3D

Basketball Simulator 3D

Basketball Simulator 3D

In the sports simulation game Basketball Simulator 3D, you may demonstrate your basketball prowess by making shots from various ranges.

Let's demonstrate all of your abilities in this difficult sport game. Make shots before the time runs out after selecting your preferred team. Catch the balls as soon as you enter the court and sprint to make multiple baskets. Before the clock runs out, shoot from a variety of distances. In Basketball Simulator 3D, score numerous baskets and wow your friends with your basketball prowess.


  • Run with WASD or the arrow keys
  • Mouse click to fire (press LMB to deal damage)
  • To pause the game, press P

Do you think you have what it takes to become a superstar in the National Basketball Association (NBA) like Michael Jordan or Stephen Curry? It makes no difference if you are short or tall in this Basketball Simulator 3D because all you need is deft fingers and a sharp mind to succeed in this game played online. Always keep moving! Give Basket Random a try for a more thrill experience in Basketball games

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