Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash

Basketball Smash is the best basketball battle game on the street. In this 3D street basketball game, you dribble the ball, throw it through the hoop, and win.

You can play Basketball Smash in the style of an epic street anime fun sports game, where you control a roster of different basketball players. Enjoy real ball dribbling based on physics, and feel what it's like to throw a ball with haptic feedback.

How to play

You have to shoot the basket before the time runs out if you want to get points that will help you improve. You have to jump with the ball and make a shot on the basket before time runs out. Use the left mouse button to move your ball and get better. If you want to win, you have to be fast and lucky. To get combos and raise your score in this addicting game, you have to make perfect dunks.


  • There are a lot of beautiful scenes with great graphics.
  • Awesome particles and visual effects for the sports game, like a high-speed ball that is on fire.
  • He made people laugh with funny faces.
  • There are now new traps and challenges to keep you on your toes.
  • A.I. that challenges you every time you move
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