5 is a difficult game for basketball aficionados to play. Dribble, dodge, and score against the opposite team! 

Are you ready to join a basketball champion and have each match be breathtaking? In, you must be prepared for difficult contests in which you must lead your side to victory! To score points, you must steal the ball from your opponents, evade them, and throw it accurately. Because of the dance floor, keep your player under control and move properly. You can switch between shooting and defending. Defeat your opponents by outscoring them before the time runs out!  


Run with the arrow keys or WASD keys, or drag your player around with the mouse. 

After winning, you will receive three stars. Amass as many stars as you can to boost your league level. After entering your leaderboard rank and league level, you can get a large number of diamonds. In the shop, use them to buy new basketball stars, basketballs, and playing grounds. To be crowned champion, you and your team must participate in a number of rounds, including the eight-final, quarter-final, semi-final, and final.

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