Battle Chess: Puzzle

Battle Chess: Puzzle

Battle Chess: Puzzle

Battle Chess: Puzzle is a fantastic game of logic! Bring your knights together and stop the opposition from doing the same! 

Play the thrilling knight fight game Battle Chess: Puzzle, in which you must combine knights who are identical to make them stronger than your opponents. Consider your options for attacking the opposition! Be prepared for enemy chess moves. Use the surroundings, give things away—do it all to win! The exciting knight combat will keep you from getting bored! Utilize the setting and present goods to your advantage to win! Power up, plan your strategy, and triumph!

How to play

You compete for the blue warriors on the blue tiles while the red warriors are on the red tiles. Make your moves taking into account the fact that all of the tiles will shift when you swipe them around.

Attack any red soldiers that are on a tile that has the same number as you or fewer so that you can take their number and level up. Repeat this process until all of the red soldiers have been taken out.

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