Bball pro League

Bball pro League

Bball pro League

In the Bball pro League, pick your preferred basketball team and try to outscore your rivals by making baskets. Help direct your rabbit squad to success! 

In the Bball Pro League, get ready for thrilling games and amazing feelings! You get to pick your favorite basketball squad, a group of bunnies who are prepared to compete in the prestigious tournament and win it. Play a basketball season followed by the playoffs to win the title, or use the same touch device to play a single game versus AI or a buddy! 

How to play

It's your job to take over the character and assist him in winning the title. In order to prevail, you must score more balls than your rival. Control arrows will appear after each shot to help you score more easily. Put your talent and dexterity to use so that every shot is precise and powerful. 

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