Blocku Golf 2

Blocku Golf 2

Blocku Golf 2

The game Blocku Golf 2 is a great combination of minimalism and compelling action. The adventure of a red ball in this mini-golf game is the focus.

Just kicking the ball into the hole is all that is required. One restriction does apply, though: you can only have five values in order to complete the level. 5 ratings, only! On your path to achievement, you are anticipating additional challenges. They include moving platforms, building blocks, chasms, razor-sharp saws, and TNT bombs. What do you think of that?

How to play 

To determine how much force to hurl it with, hold down the left mouse button while dragging the mouse back. When you are ready to shoot, release the button.

Blocku Golf 2 is ideal for you. Using the few available strikes, aim and strike the ball to get it to the goalpost. You will be kept entertained for a very long time by simple but sophisticated gameplay. You can choose from hundreds of thrilling, straightforward, and challenging levels. Can you pass each test?

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