Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars

Boxing Gang Stars is a dynamic game that transports you to the realm of street boxing matches.

In Boxing Gang Stars, you must exhibit not just strength and skill, but also strategy and cunning. Before each fight, you will be able to train your fighter and select the proper technique. Take on the role of a young boxer who aspires to acquire honor and renown in illicit boxing contests. These amusing boxing characters are attempting to destroy one another in either single or two-player modes. Begin this boxing fight and become the king of the boxing rings! 


  • Player 1:  Use WASD to move
  • Player 1:  Use ARROW KEYS to move

Throughout the game, you will be able to improve your fighter's abilities, learn new attack combos, and unlock unique boxing skills. This will allow you to confront progressively powerful gangs and claim the title of the biggest street star in boxing. Super exciting physics with fun characters awaits you! Let the boxing battles begin!

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