Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

Bubble Shooter Soccer 2

In Bubble Shooter Soccer 2, bring the soccer craze into the Bubble Shooter universe and have fun kicking the vibrant, bubble-like balls!B

The game Bubble Shooter Soccer 2 delivers exactly what it promises in the game's title. a soccer-themed bubble shooter game in which the footballs are replaced by bubbles. Enjoy tossing the balls on top of the clusters of identical balls to watch them emerge from the board.

How to play

Aim and shoot the soccer balls with the mouse.

As the balls slowly descend, keep shooting and matching them, because if they hit the bottom of the screen, you will lose.


  • 2D graphics in vibrant colors.
  • Bubble shooter gameplay is both addictive and unique.
  • Extra points are awarded at random.
  • Controls that are intuitive.
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