Correct Football
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Correct Football

Correct Football

We have just added Correct Football to our collection of Soccer Games. This game is a fantastic option if you're searching for a two-player sports game that's incredibly entertaining and lets you show off your scoring prowess.

How to play

In this unique competition, the players don't employ deft footwork to win the ball or kick it into the goal. To enter either goal, you must use your discs to knock every ball that the other opponent has into it. You can opt to play in two-player mode against a friend or in one-player mode against the bot.  


  • To choose one of your discs, use your mouse or touch.
  • To change the shoot's direction, hold down the touch or mouse buttons. 
  • As soon as you're ready to shoot, release. 

For players to maneuver on the field with intelligence, they must be able to adjust force. To get the ball into the opponent's goal, make the best possible plans and strategies.