Crazy Dunk

Crazy Dunk

Crazy Dunk

Together, let's make slam dunks and win Crazy Dunk! Simple controls, simple decompression mini-games, and Crazy Dunk are on the way! This is a physics-based smash-hit type basketball game. Crazy Dunk's rules are clear and easy to understand.

How to play 

Slam dunks are required; you must not miss them. To interact with the ball and make a slam dunk, simply tap or click. The secret is to change the force applied to the ball by varying the number of clicks. If you want the ball to fly higher and move more quickly, click frequently on the screen. Before the ball drops, tap the screen to end the game.


  • The easiest one-touch control.
  • Absolutely stunning graphics
  • Captivating game mechanics. 

Enjoy Crazy Dunk at any time on your PC or mobile device while competing with your friends.

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