Cut and Dunk
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Cut and Dunk

Cut and Dunk

In the quick-paced sports game Cut and Dunk, players must cut a basketball from ropes at the ideal time to shoot a basket. To finish a level, the basketball must go through the hoop. If you don't cut the ball's rope at the right moment, you can have a bad bounce and narrowly miss the hoop! Count the number of baskets you can score!

How to play

To cut the rope and release the ball, use your finger. To score and finish a level, place every ball in the hoop! You must cut the rope and time your slices and hits in order to hoop every ball.

Tips for Cut and Dunk

You must cut each string when the ball is hung by many strings, so bear that in mind.

The ball will swing, oscillating back and forth, when it is suspended from the last rope. So, before cutting the final string, you must wait till the ball drops into the basket!