Dash Party

Dash Party

Dash Party

In the new cooperative game Dash Party for two players, you control a ragdoll who is sliding a knife over the ground.

This game is located in an arena, you will engage in combat in a unique method. It's time to cross the platform floor and cut your opponents up. A variety of characters and gaming settings are waiting for you. Your character's hands will have more knife options accessible as you dash more.


  • Player 1: To glide, press the WASD keys. 
  • Player 2: To slide, press the arrow keys.

How to play

Rush into the opponent to defeat them with your knife, making it a superior cutting instrument. Completely destroy them to win. As you let go of your keys, you can run as far as your energy will allow. The other player tries to follow suit. So good luck in both scenarios and have fun like this location can only provide!

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