Deuce Hit! Tennis

Deuce Hit! Tennis

Deuce Hit! Tennis

You are cordially invited to participate in the tennis championship today in the brand-new, action-packed online game Deuce Hit! Tennis

On the screen in front of you, you'll see your character, who is holding a racket and standing on his side of the court. On the court, his rival will be located behind the net. Two points are needed to move on to the following match in a no-rules game of tennis. The player controls the character's movement toward the ball with the joystick. In order to stop the ball from passing the character, the player must then use reflexes. To prevent your opponent from parrying your punch, do this. 


Click the screen or use the left mouse button to play. 

So you're playing Deuce Hit! Tennis, and you score a goal, and you get points for it. The one with the higher score will prevail in the game. In Deuce Hit! Tennis, earn money to unlock new player skins.

Enjoy playing Deuce Hit! Tennis, one of our free tennis games that we've picked. 

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