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Dino Swords

The Google pixel-based dinosaur game Dinosaur Game has been remade as Dino Sword. Although the UI remains the same, Dino Sword offers numerous intriguing enhancements and updates along with additional special abilities. Now is the time to explore! 

About Dino Swords

Set in a desert, Dino Swords features sandy roads and spiky cactus shrubs on the course. As a dinosaur, you must move continually, trying not to run across any challenges like cactus, a few crows or vultures soaring in the heavens. 

Simple gameplay

The gameplay of the game will resemble that of the dinosaur game on Google Chrome as soon as you start it. The player's job is to skip over challenges by mixing spaces and keyboard letters. A good result depends mostly on your capacity for fast reaction and seamless operation.

A more diverse number of weapons 

26 more weapons for users—hammer, fire, sword, etc.—have been included into this version. They will help you to overcome challenges on the sprint. To correctly operate your weapon controls, read the keyboard area directions below. 

How to play

Start your trip with a press spacebar. All you have to do is control the dinosaur to clear paths of obstruction. You will pick up a lot of many kinds of weaponry along the road. Press the corresponding keys on the keyboard to access the acquired weaponry.