Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game is an endless runner game for all ages that was originally Google games.

When you see this 2D pixel dinosaur character, I know what you're thinking: DISCONNECTION! You won't be disappointed by one of the most played games, Dinosaur Game, because your internet connection is fine. The game is simple and basic to play by jumping and dodging motions, just as you had anticipated. Simply run while avoiding obstacles to complete the task. Cacti must be jumped over, while obnoxious Pterodactyls must be avoided. Since the Dinosaur Game is an endless runner, keep going till you fail and attempt to top the previous score.

How to play

  • Start by pressing the Spacebar or the Up Arrow.
  • To jump higher, press down the Spacebar or the Up Arrow key.
  • Use the Down Arrow key to steer clear of flying debris.
  • To pause the game, press the Alt or F11 key.

Throughout the world, millions of people play the Dinosaur Game. It is popular because it doesn't require any special knowledge, equipment, or setup beforehand. Although it is simple to play this game, getting a high score nevertheless presents a significant challenge for players.

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