Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour
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Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

Are you ready for the extreme world of Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour

In this insane stunts game, your goal is to race through more than 40 levels as fast as you can on your bike. In order to win stars in this dirt bike game, you'll need to perform some wild stunts. Gaining in-game gold allows you to purchase improvements for your motocross bike and retry levels in an effort to beat your previous high scores. In order to unlock more powerful bikes, you'll need to show off your incredible somersaulting talents throughout each level.  

Game Controls

Move: WASD keys or arrow key


  • Vibrant 3D images.
  • Intricate layers.
  • Modifiable automobile attributes.
  • Unlocking motorcycles.
  • Fun and engaging driving directions.

Players receive a score based on a star system for each completed level. By finishing a level more quickly or by employing techniques along the way, players can increase the number of starts they receive. Players will unlock new levels as they continue to improve their scores. Start the thrilling Dirt Bike Extreme Parkour races now!