Dodgeball Battle

Dodgeball Battle

Dodgeball Battle

You should get started playing the top-down arcade game known as Dodgeball Battle right away.

This game entails avoiding the balls that your opponents are throwing at you while trying to hit them with your own. Put your dexterity to the test and try to win against as many competitors as you can. Teams will compete in an epic battle to see which one can remain standing with the understanding that good sportsmanship is the most important rule. You should use your hands to catch the ball and then toss it back to them.
Can you come out on top in this battle of Dodgeball Battle? Combating an opponent requires quick reflexes and a sharp mind.

How to play

Divide the group into two teams and place one team at each end of the field or gymnasium. Place a single dodgeball in the center of the playing area.

Move your character in the direction of the ball to catch it and then throw it back in the opponent's direction. If you are unable to take the ball from your opponent, you are at a disadvantage.


Throw the ball at your opponent. Don't get hit!

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