Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball

Join the fun sketching mechanics and basketball excitement of Doodle Basketball, a Google Doodle game. 

Aug. 8, 2012, marked the debut of Doodle Basketball (Basketball 2012). Since its 2012 release, this game has grown to be among the most played video games globally very fast. The objective, as in many other Basketball games, is to create the ideal ball trajectory so that it lands in the basket. This is the fundamental objective, but it is not an easy one; the player must have great skill and focus in this game. Assuming the persona of a professional basketball player, your goal is to shoot the ball into the basket as many times as you can.


Toss a basketball into the hoop with the spacebar. 

Among the most played basketball games, this one boasts attractive graphics, an easy-to-use interface, and a variety of difficulties. Playing this game will help you to quickly hone your reflexes, attentiveness, and decisiveness. Have fun! 

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