Draw the Rest

Draw the Rest

Draw the Rest

You will see an image that is only partly sketched in the brainteaser game Draw the Rest.

In order to successfully complete the sketch, you must make an educated estimate as to what that thing is. Draw the route with your pen as you drag it to finish the drawing and go on to the next level. To finish these pictures, all you need is a single, uninterrupted line; you don't need to be Pablo Picasso.

To finish each artwork in Draw the Rest, fill in the spaces. Use your originality and imagination to compete with your pals to see who can go through the most stages. Make every artwork come to life, and each level will provide you a different challenge as you start your sketching adventure.

Draw the remainder and create a new narrative using your ideas. Play this imaginative drawing game with your pals and see who can create the finest drawings. Draw as soon as possible!


To play the game, use your mouse.

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