Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters

In the game Drift Hunters, you'll be driving cars through some very hard levels. You can make changes to the car and improve its performance. Put your foot on the gas and try to show how good you are at drifting.

Drift Hunters is a 3D car game that you can play online. You can customize your cars and race on a variety of challenging tracks. You can make your car skid more if you improve its performance. Go fast through difficult tracks, do cool drift combos, and make a lot of money. This is a good way to make money so you can buy cars and upgrades later. We think you will make it through safely and do your best for us.


Drift Hunters FAQs

How do I get my car in tune?

Enter the "Tuning" menu and start adjusting slides like Turbo, front/rear camber, offset, brake balance, front/rear height, and brake pressure.

How many places can I go?

The game takes place in 10 different places, each with its own race track and bright city streets.

What is the car that costs the most?

Brother, it's a Porsche 911 GT (993). Try to make as much money as possible!

Which car goes the fastest?

Do you like speed? I have to say that the Nissan GT-R is impossible to miss (R25).


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