Eating Simulator: Physics Food

Eating Simulator: Physics Food

Eating Simulator: Physics Food

In the bizarre physics-based game Eating Simulator: Physics Food, you'll go on an unparalleled culinary trip. Prepare yourself for a fun-filled feast in this wonderful culinary experience!

Gameplay of  Eating Simulator: Physics Food

Explore a unique simulator that enables you to fully immerse yourself in the actual process of the art of eating, in addition to savoring simulated dishes. Your objective is straightforward yet entertaining: use simple physics-based controls to direct different foods and beverages into the mouths of various characters. There are a variety of mouthwatering foods on each level, such as noodles, hamburgers, and even fish and water. You'll encounter more difficult situations as you go through the levels, which will challenge your accuracy and dexterity. 


To move the food and dodge obstacles, simply use the mouse. 

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