Egg Car Travel

Egg Car Travel

Egg Car Travel

In Egg Car Travel, you'll embark on an exhilarating journey that promises to keep you on the tip of your seat. It's your job? Keep that delicate egg safe! 

In this game, players take control of an oddball, egg-shaped vehicle and send it on an exciting adventure across a dynamic, full of obstacles-universe. Keeping your egg car balanced and under control is your major goal to prevent it from breaking or falling off the course. The gameplay is made more excitingly challenging by the combination of responsive controls and physics-based mechanisms like in Eggy Car.

Tips to play Egg Car Travel

Use the left arrow key, that's all. Be careful not to drop the egg as you roll on! You'll earn additional rewards—like a ton of amazing cars—the farther you travel. Two essential abilities are needed to master egg car travel: patience and accuracy. Refrain from hurrying through levels because you can drop your delicate goods in the process. Proceed with a meticulous coin collection. Indeed, keep in mind that each newly unlocked car has special features that can facilitate your travels.


To advance, press the right arrow button; to revert, press the left arrow button.


Tap the right arrow button to move forward, then hit the left arrow button to reverse.

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