Endless Runner 3d

Endless Runner 3d

Endless Runner 3d

In the video game Endless Runner 3d, Jake and his team of runners have to race to the subway tracks ahead of the grouchy security guard. Beat him in a footrace, and collect the gold without getting hit by a train. There is gold scattered all over those old subway tracks, but in order to find it you are going to need a lot of guts and fast feet. You no longer need to leave the convenience of your browser to go for a stroll along the sidewalk.

How to play

Endless Runner 3d is controlled using a keyboard when played.

Move left and right with the left and right arrow keys, and jump and roll with the up and down arrow keys.

Tips for Endless Runner 3d

  • Grow the boosters and make them even better
  • Keep your composure
  • Make the movement using two fingers
  • Take on a role that you are most comfortable playing
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