Europe Soccer Cup 2021

Europe Soccer Cup 2021

Europe Soccer Cup 2021

Europe Soccer Cup 2021 is a fast-paced 3D soccer game with 11-versus-11 play.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to demonstrate your unrivaled football abilities. The world cup and practice modes are included in the game. In the world cup mode, you can compete against other countries to establish your country as the ultimate power in the football world. While the practice mode allows you to hone your skills before entering the game.

How to play

To direct your player, click and drag the left mouse button, then release to shoot.

The user can aim and release the soccer players, causing them to slide over the field. If a player fails to hit the ball or hits an opponent first before touching the ball, the player forfeits the remaining turns. If a player waits too long to move, they will also lose their turn.

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