Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot

Fierce Shot is one of the greatest new football games to play online to kick off the new year.

Do you enjoy both football and manga? Both of them are now combined in one Fierce Shot! This sport is now much more popular than it was before the World Cup, which finished not long ago. We have a feeling that this game will rapidly become a top one for the day!

Complete all of the Continental and International Cup tasks. Nothing can stop you from being the finest in the world. In this game, you may enhance your talents by practicing indefinitely and tracking your progress day by day to produce better, stronger, and more precise shots.


  • Controls are simple.
  • Graphics are stunning.
  • With events and competitions, the gaming is addictive.

How to play

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to the desired location for the ball. Increase the player's power, accuracy, and curve levels from the profile page to enhance their skill. You can also have up to five unique powers. They will let you to shoot various varieties of shuts. Draw a route for the ball based on your opponents' places on the pitch. You may deceive the adversary by drawing a curve.

The aim is to get the ball into the net and past the goalkeeper as many times as possible. Before time runs out, attempt to outscore the other squad, which can defend your shots and even counterattack.

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