Fire vs Water Fights

Fire vs Water Fights

Fire vs Water Fights

It's time to experience as much action-packed as possible in the 3D combat game Fire vs Water Fights! Enter the ring, then use just your reflexes and firepower to challenge your opponent to a hard fight! 

Are you prepared for a fierce battle in Fire vs Water Fights? Prepare for a great battle and make sure you have the best moves to take out your adversary of the past! Use incredible punch combinations to bring your opponent to the ground. To deliver that extra blow that will outclass your opponent, hold off until your super punch is fully loaded. 

How to play

Select the water or fire character to test your moves against the computer or another player using the same keyboard. 


To control your player, use the arrow keys or WASD keys. W and S and up and down arrows can be used for attack. Now and again, you can press the G key to unleash your powerful punch. 

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