Five Hoops

Five Hoops

Five Hoops

Are you prepared to shoot rainbows in Five Hoops? Basketball allows you to shoot hoops and compete against millions of other players worldwide! 

Your objective in this sport is to compete against other players and defeat them by making more basket-bound shots. Throw the ball accurately and get there before your rivals. In Five Hoops, you can pick your character's skin from a variety of options, so shoot for the stars and establish yourself as the top basketball player online! 


Play with the left mouse button


  • Shoot hoops and compete against millions of players worldwide.
  • Discover fascinating new places, fascinating costumes, and fantastic balls!
  • All-day entertainment is just a swipe away.
  • Compete against others worldwide and rise up the rankings. 

The basket is in motion and occasionally gets blocked by anything. Can you make five basket shots before your rivals do? 

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