Flex Run

Flex Run

Flex Run

To enable your heroine to flex her muscles in Flex Run, you must flex your fingers. She is attempting to practice on her yoga mat, but the challenges never seem to go away. Can you assist her with them so that she can continue practicing? Focus and rapid responses are necessary for mastering Flex Run. Make an effort to comprehend the positions of the barriers in a pattern so that you may strategically arrange your movements. Get as many gems as you can to trade them in the in-game store for one of the six exclusive characters.


  • An interesting action game with quick gameplay.
  • The chance to use gained points to change how your character looks.
  • A strange place to be: a house full of stuff that gets in the way!
  • A difficult task that tries your quickness and reflexes.


To turn your character into a handstand, use your mouse. The secret is to stay flexible; each obstacle you avoid will award you points when you move quickly and precisely. 

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