Football Champs

Football Champs

Football Champs

Football Champs is a fun and addicting game that is becoming more and more popular among World Cup games. 

In this soccer game, you will be able to play as a dog. Each player has 30 seconds to score in each round.  You just have to shoot the ball when it comes to you. Every time a player's shot hits, 1.5 seconds are added to their time. If the shot misses, the time is taken away.

Challenge your friends to a soccer games collection game! Our American Football games feature gifted quarterbacks, tenacious linemen, and quick running backs. This game will be difficult for even the best football player.

How to play

  • Try to get the ball to land on the brown circle.
  • Click on the screen to shoot the ball.
  • Make every effort to avoid wasting time.


  • Run and try to score.
  • Real championship vibes
  • Beautiful graphics
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