Football Juggle

Football Juggle

Football Juggle

The game Football Juggle has a sports theme. Juggle a soccer ball with one of the available soccer players as your main goal. Freestyle soccer fundamentals are the focus of this game. If you want to prevent the soccer ball from escaping your control, maintain your focus. To demonstrate your most incredible tricks to others, grab your ball and head to the soccer field.

The player and the ball are both in three dimensions, making it simple to follow the ball's path. The gameplay is very basic. To kick the ball when necessary, you essentially just need to tap on the soccer player's legs.

How to play 

The game can be played with a mouse. Before hitting the ball with various body parts, they should wait until it is at the same level as them.

The number of touches required to complete each challenge is displayed at the top of the screen. To advance to the next level, you must kick the ball without letting it fall a predetermined number of times.

Directly control your feet. Perceive each touch. Count each kicking. Become the world's best e-soccer freestyle player!


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