Football Kickoff

Football Kickoff

Football Kickoff

In Football Kickoff, get set to guide your squad to the ultimate triumph! You're in the world championship final, and you're up against some extremely tough competition!

You are in the world championship final, facing formidable opponents who will do all in their power to prevent you from scoring the goal that will win the game for your team. It is your chance to get into the field and demonstrate your skills as it is said to be the hardest position in American football. 

To score, kick the football through the goalposts. Pay close attention to the power, angle, and wind. Each level gives you a total of 60 seconds. To help your team win, try to score as many goals as you can to reach the top of the scoreboard!


Throw the football through the goalposts with your mouse or touch. 

Ready to have some fun and indulge in your preferred sport? Prove that you are the all-time great quarterback!

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