The main features of the online soccer game FootyZag are sprinting on the pitch and passing the ball to teammates. Make your passes as fast as you can to complete the goal of your opponent.

Gameplay of FootyZag 

Passing the ball to a teammate and scoring a goal for your team in the allotted time is the aim of this game. Doesn't it seem simple? In this game, the ability to shoot the ball is the primary factor that defines success or failure. You have roughly nineteen rounds to organize your attacks to win the football game. Play hard to force the opposing teams to concede goals. To get the ball to the goal, pass the football to your teammates. Maintaining constant focus is essential for passing the ball to the appropriate player. You can choose from additional team options as you go through the game and win leagues. 


  • Use Mouse click to pass/shoot
  • Use Arrow keys to pass/shoot

Let us begin the game now if you are prepared to win the leagues! Check out Soccer Random if you'd want to play another game like this one. 

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