Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

Funny Battle Simulator

You can take on the role of commander in Funny Battle Simulator and lead your army into combat. Give your troops and cavalry orders and send them into combat.

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In the battle simulation game Funny Battle Simulator, you strategically position an army and lead them into combat. Make careful to demonstrate your tactical prowess and consider the map's geography. Become the game's greatest general by selecting some amazing and entertaining units. You will be able to manage a wide variety of creatures in the game, including sharks and elephants, so you won't get bored very quickly. 

How to play

Tips and Tricks

A good approach takes into account your units' advantages and disadvantages. Make sensible use of troops based on their capabilities and range. Make strategic use of your long-range grenadiers to deal the most damage from a distance, and reserve melee fighters, such as Spartans, for close-quarters fighting.


  • Use the Left Mouse Button to Create Unit
  • Use Right Mouse Button + CTRL to Delete Unit
  • Use WASD to standard movement
  • Use WASD + Right Mouse Button (Hold) to Alternative Move
  • Use Shift to speed up the movement
  • Use Q / E to Rotate the camera

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