Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing

Funny Mad Racing is a fun pixel game in which you can choose a car and navigate over difficult terrain. 

Prepare for a spectacular racing experience with Funny Mad Racing! 

Have you ever longed to operate a monster truck or any other type of strong vehicle? Funny Mad Racing is for you! Drive across bridges, trampolines, and other spectacular roadways. It tests your craft and skill as you navigate through several tracks full of obstacles and surprises. Demonstrate your driving skills by navigating your vehicle across difficult terrain, sharp twists, and surprising jumps.


How to play

Keep your balance on jumps and uneven terrain, and don't let your bouncing car land on its roof; otherwise, the level is over. Perform as many somersaults as possible and demonstrate your abilities with impressive tricks. The more tricks you accomplish in a level, the more money you'll receive at the end.


To accelerate or brake, use the arrow keys, "W" and "S" or the touchpad. You may also use the "D" and "A" buttons to tilt your car's front and rear axles. 

Drive through 40 different stages, earning cash to unlock new vehicles with interesting bounce dynamics. Race across the tracks with a giant truck, cool off-road buggies, or a massive truck.

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