Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Funny Shooter 2

Are you prepared to participate in Funny Shooter 2's intense battle? A brand-new, fantastic title in shooting games collection with quick action? 

Ready to start the FPS game Funny Shooter 2

In this first-person shooter game, you will fight a ridiculous army of enemies that are armed with axes and pots. Keep your worries to yourself because both your arsenal of weapons and your enemies are laughably ridiculous. Use a variety of weapons to defeat the odd enemies that will swarm you.

Enemy troops in Funny Shooter 2 will pursue you once they spot you. Wherever you go, these red men will follow you because they won't let you leave. The only way out is to eliminate them all. The going, however, gets harder as each stage sees a stronger opposition force. At every level, one can find new creatures with occasionally fantastic and frequently catastrophic abilities. Additionally, every 10 levels a dangerous boss is waiting for you!

How to play Funny Shooter 2

To start right away, click the play button. Our current enemy count and the number of enemies we have vanquished are displayed on a scoreboard at the top. The location of the enemies will be visible on the radar map in the top right corner. 


You'll see detailed on-screen instructions for the controls as soon as you get started!

Everyone can look forward to the game being entertaining and amusing. Because you use a variety of absurd and inflated weapons in your conflicts with absurdities. Get ready, aim, and fire to get ready for a crazy and entertaining shooting experience!