Fury Bike Rider

Fury Bike Rider

Fury Bike Rider

The bike racing and simulator game Fury Bike Rider features appealing visuals, accurate physics, and a number of game modes. The game features a motorcycle purchasing and development system. You can also drive at will or compete in races against AI.

How to play

Complete challenging levels to earn tough money. In "Challenge" mode, there are levels with challenging obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach the finish line. By overcoming difficult obstacles, reach the finish line and advance to the next level. In the "Time Travel" mode, you are in a race against time. There are a total of 24 racetracks. The rating is determined by when you cross the finish line. Discover star ratings here. Two challenge maps are available: "Up The Sea" and "Deep Forest."


  • Thrilling competition with artificial intelligence.
  • Full-screen mode is accessible.
  • 7 superbike.
  • Believable driving mechanics.
  • Expansive world.
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