Gacha Life

Gacha Life

Gacha Life

In the dress-up and role-playing game Gacha Life, users may design their anime-style characters and give them a range of outfits, haircuts, and accessories. 

Welcome to the world of Gacha Life!

Due to its distinctive fusion of social interaction, storytelling, and character customization, the casual game Gacha Life has become incredibly popular. In the game's Studio mode, players may construct scenes, customize anime-style characters, and craft their stories. Gacha Life is an excellent game to play if you enjoy creating original characters to suit your tastes and are an anime fan.


  • Customization of characters that is versatile: Gamers are encouraged to be creative and unique by giving characters a wide range of clothes, haircuts, accessories, and stances to choose from.
  • Creativity in studio mode: Users can basically construct their own stories or settings by creating scenes, and adding dialogue, creatures, and items in the Studio mode.
  • Active social interaction: By allowing users to share their works with the community, play minigames, and view content produced by others, the game promotes a lively social element.

How to play

Select various clothes and accessories for their characters to wear, and they can personalize features like their eyes and hair. Eight minigames are available for them to pick from, or they can use Studio Mode to create scenes and make "friends" with non-player characters. 

Let's create our own anime-style characters and equip them in your favorite current attire! 

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