Google Maps Snake

Google Maps Snake

Google Maps Snake

Google Maps Snake is a more expansive version of Google's well-known game Snake

Play Snake while you travel the world and see beautiful cities and famous sites. The game is like the popular Snake Game, but it's set in real streets and towns, which gives it a unique twist. The Google Maps app can be used to get to it. Some of the cities where they might play are Cairo, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo. This game's goal is to get as many players as possible while staying away from dangers like cars and buildings.

How to play

You can move around the map and pick up people by pressing the arrow or WASD keys.

Google Maps Snake is a fun and unique take on the classic game Snake. It adds real-world locations and a silly element to make the game even more appealing. Try Google Maps Snake if you like old video games or want to have fun while you wait for something. 

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