Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

In the immensely difficult platformer game Gorilla Adventure, you must use a hammer to lead a gorilla up enormous and intricate constructions.

About Gorilla Adventure

Everyone finds the ascent to the top of towering buildings to be a challenging experience. However, the primary character of this game is a gorilla that is confined to an iron box. The only equipment you have is a hammer and your deft, adaptable movement abilities. Because Gorilla Adventure is such a challenging game, finishing it is a major accomplishment. To maneuver the character up intricate structures in the game, precise actions and thoughtful preparation are needed, and any error could have fatal consequences. When the player reaches the highest point and takes off into space, the game is over. So, be careful! 


Use your mouse to control your character. 

Maintaining your composure and attention is among the most crucial things you can do when playing Gorilla Adventure. Although the game can be unpleasant at times, losing your cool or being irritated can only make matters worse. Breathe deeply, let your muscles relax, and exercise patience.

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