GP Ski Slalom

GP Ski Slalom

GP Ski Slalom

We're here to take you on an exciting journey with GP Ski Slalom! Prepare to descend the snow-covered slopes by donning your ski goggles and snow boots.

Have you ever fantasized about skiing through snowy slopes, sliding down the cliffs, dodging obstacles, and going forward to your destination? Choose from one of the three available players—a guy, a woman, or Santa—and try to beat your previous best times on each track. With top-notch 3D visuals, the game offers 12 levels of increasing difficulty. 

How to play 

Make a character selection when the game first launches. There are two skiers you can choose from, or if you want to feel festive Santa! Although your character will travel independently, you need to direct them to avoid running into barriers. 

Move left and right using the arrow keys, and gather Gingerman cookies to gain a sweet sugar rush that will increase your speed. 

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